Playlist Schokoladen 120412

Euclid – Clip
A.Armada – The Dam Was Split But The City Was Saved
Big Kids – I Am a Romantic Comedy Dude
Marvins Revolt – Folks Ain’t Sleeping
Prawn – Get Down
Airpeople – Stockholm
You Blew It! – Terry v. Tori
Des Ark – No More Fighting Cats, Ok?
Snowing – Big Weed
Oxford Collapse – Bikini Atoll
Silver Jews – Trains Across The Sea
The Love Of Everything – Proud Of Looking Around
Algernon Cadwallader – Serial Killer Status
This Town Needs Guns – Chinchilla
Black Eyes – A Pack Of Wolves
Trend – Mann in Uniform
Malaria! – Geld (Money)
The Oliver Twist Band – Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Sunshine Bores The Day!
Grass Widow – Disappearing Industries
A.M. Thawn – Coalitions: Satellites & Programms
Land Of Talk – The Man Who Breaks Things (Dark Shuffle)
From Monument To Masses – Sharpshooter
Jumbo Jet – The Hatred Lover
Sinaloa – Tread, Not Trudge
Dowsing – Amateur Cartography
Grave, Shovel…Let’s Go – Edgy Electrician
Coping – Croquet
Deleometer – Din 100101
Pianos Become The Teeth – New Normal
La Quiete – Fai Finta Di Non Girati
September Malevolence – Who Watches The Watchmen?
Kam:as – Fallout Kiss
Jn Fischer Erf – Bison
Toboggan – Fields
Pavement – Summer Babe (Winter Version)
Coasting – Portland
Good Luck – 1001 Open Hands
Petethepiratesquid – All Girl Freak Show
Absolute Boys – Wonderful Things
dd/mm/yyyy – super vgf
The Mae-Shi – Raise Up The Judges (Go Dancing Again)
Supersystem – Miracle
Panther – Control Yr Ships
Chad VanGaalen – TMNT Mask
PTTRNS – Paradise Paradigms
Antelope – Game Over
The Falcon Five – Of Hamsters and Goblins
The Promise Ring – Red & Blue Jeans
Owls – Everyone is my Friend
Pedro The Lion – Indian Summer
Xiu Xiu – No Friend oh!
Birthmark – Stuck
Why? – Into The Shadows Of My Embrace
Skeletons – More Than The One Thing
Parenthetical Girls – Handsome Devil
John Maus – No Title (Molly)
Chelsea Wolfe – Friedrichshain
Molly Nilsson – Hotel Home
U.S. Girls – Island Song
Pure X – Voices
Future Islands – Before The Bridge
Brick+Mortar – Heatstroke
Trash Kit – How d’you do?
Q And Not U – Soft Pyramids
Shokei – The Scenic Route
The Van Pelt – Yamato (Where People Really Die)
Pretty Girls Make Graves – Speakers Push The Air
Team Dresch – Hate The Christian Right!
No Age – Glitters
Sonic Youth – Silver Rocket
Fuckuismyname – I Hate All The People In The Disco
Japanther – Mornings
Ex Models – Hey Boner
31Knots – Certificate
erase errata – other animals are #1
Battles – Futura

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