Audio: Nite Jewel – Running Out Of Time (Julia Holter Remix)

i tried to make it right
and i failed so many times
i prevailed
in a different light
but one will always side
do i abide
to the decency
of life that’s ruled by love?
or do i cry
in secrecy
when i have to give it up?

i’m running out of time

different lives
the mystery
of a want to be reborn
and my mind
in history
forever seeks to mourn

pleasure unremembered
in my periphery
and in front of me
in a dark blue and purple shade

and me
an ecstatic being
went up to an apex
riding a blanket
of energy
the city shined light sporadically

i rode the sky and all the while
the earth remained down
in the dark
for homecoming

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